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Astrology Consultation - Not a magic show!

Most of my clients came to me through referrals. Happy with my readings, they tend to share their experiences with their friends and loved ones; that's how I managed to do this for the past years without paying for advertisements. You would not see my posters on the back of buses anytime soon. This is how Horoscope Shop SG could keep consultation fees reasonable after all these years. Thank you so much! I appreciate your referrals!

I regularly see clients who are not referred too. In this time and age, astrological services can now be found on the internet, linking up with anyone in the region. Astrology is well and alive in the 21st century! Usually, our "non-referred" sessions go just as well as the "referred" ones. But on rare occasions, I get people saying this to me, "I want to test if you are really accurate, tell me what happened to me last week.." expecting psychic-magic-performance from me without giving me anything to work with. Would you try your medical doctors by saying, "Guess what happened to me?" without first telling the doctor something they could work on?

Admittedly, I get pretty wound up when caught in this situation; I do not enjoy talking to anyone with such a rude intention. I am not in the business of proving astrology; neither am I interested in entertaining and impressing. For the above reasons, I cannot accept a consultation to test me out. Astrology can only be helpful when the focus is on the client instead of the astrologer. I make no claims to infallibility; I can get things wrong too. The purpose of a consultation is to have the astrologer interpret the charts and assist the querent with insights that stars can provide — without ulterior motives.

Only when the client is truly curious about themselves can an astrologer help. I welcome anyone genuine to join me in this journey of exploring the fascinating subject of astrology. Whether you are referred or not, I always look forward to talking to you. As your astrologer, I would be happy if you could give some guidance on what you want to know and brief details of the relevant situations. Referrals and those who have seen me before will know what to expect during a consultation. Usually, coming prepared with a list of questions, the session's focus will be on them, not me. You are encouraged to do so.



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