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Algol Eclipse on November 19, 2021

A powerful lunar eclipse on Friday, November 19, 2021, at 4:57 PM in Singapore. This eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axis marks the beginning of a series of eclipses that will go on until the end of October 2023. Rollercoaster time! A shoutout to all my clients; if you hear from me the next few days, get your black tourmaline and sea salt ready!

I am rarely worried about eclipses, usually treating these as opportunities for change - exciting beginnings and fated overdue endings. However, the forthcoming celestial alignment appears distressing; this will not be pleasant for many individuals and the world. While the world is still amid a pandemic, the lunar eclipse in November 2021 involves the Moon Nodes, Jupiter, Algol, a couple of other burdensome angles and troubling astrological positions.

Algol is nasty, violent and very destructive. A lunar eclipse involving Algol will often be chaotic, resulting in extreme emotions, injustice, scandals, misfortunes, violence, accidents, and aggravated illnesses. The square to Jupiter just days before the eclipse brings about exaggeration, over-optimism and whatever unrealistic expectations we have of the current situation. The involvement of lunar nodes in this instance is the equivalence of adding fuel to the fire

As an individual, you should be resilient while keeping an open mind during the next three months. Avoid extravagance; take care with your possessions. If you have an ongoing illness, it is critical to watch what you eat and take the correct medication. Be extra watchful and safe on the roads, avoid risky activities (physical) mainly from the 18th to the 21st. If you are in romantic and intimate relationships, things can go bad rapidly. Conversely, things can also improve dramatically. And if you have been hiding secrets, there is a good chance this will be revealed during the next three months. Honesty will be your best bet!

Hopefully, this eclipse will bring positive changes to the world. With the ongoing pandemic, climate issues and different kinds of troubles around the globe, perhaps this will be our best chance to put some things right. A collective shift to our morality and values. Over the next two years, the financial market, agriculture, food supply, energy sector, land and real estate, ethics, morals, material values, possessions, sexual intimacy, privacy, health and survival could all be subjected to changes. There will be stubborn resistance. Yes, this lunar eclipse happens with the Moon in Taurus.

Take care.


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