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Private Consulation

Personal Consultation

 S$ 250 (Normal Rate)

 S$ 200 (Advance Booking*, Student Rate**)


* For bookings made 7 days in advance, non-refundable pre-payment required. 

**Student Rate for all Pre-Tertiary students in Singapore only. 

Zodiac Chart

Twelve Month Forecast Report

Monthly forecast for the next 12 months. A detailed look up at eventful transits, progressions and planetary cycles on your chart for the period.  Your report will be written by yours truly. Available only in English and will be emailed to you as a PDF file.  S$ 380


Geomancy (Feng Shui)

Whilst applying as much traditional knowledge as possible, it is also pivotal to start from a more precise astrological charting of the stars through the use of western astrological methods. This helps you achieve the perfect balance and harmony in your home and your office environment. Geomancy for HOME and OFFICE starts from S$ 888

Wedding Date Selection

Wedding Date Selection

Pick an auspicious time for your wedding and solemnisation, Based on principles of Electional Astrology. You want the planetary configurations to offer the best possible chance of success, happiness and harmony. By choosing the right time, you can take some control of your destiny by using free will.  Wedding Date Selection: S$ 280

Open For Business

Company/Business Incorporation & Opening

Pick an auspicious time for the incorporation and opening of your business/company. Ensure that the company's chart is in harmony with the universe. Having a solid astrological timing from the start can determine the flow and outcome. Date Selection, from S$ 280

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