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My name is Andrew Wee. I'm blessed to devote my working life to exploring Astrology. Based in Singapore, I have been reading birth charts for over twenty years, assisting my clients in understanding and facilitating their journey. Astrology predicts the cycles that you will be experiencing and deepens your knowledge of who you are. Timing is everything. I can help you time your endeavours to tremendous success.




I am really glad to have engaged Andrew's service. It’s been 3 years now. He is very professional, patient, caring and detailed in all his explanation and advice. He is able to give me sound advice whenever I am at the crossroad in life. Most importantly, he always ensures that he is just a WhatsApp away and would check on me every once in awhile and is always ever ready to answer any of my questions at any time. Thank you Andrew for your impeccable service! 5 stars to him! Highly Highly recommended!

Jace Chia



Weekdays S$ 150

Weekends S$ 180

Online/Phone S$ 150

My sessions are usually conducted in my office at Orchard Plaza. Online and phone sessions are available through Zoom and WhatsApp. Casual, friendly, and inspiring. You will be amazed by what astrology can do for you. Conversant in both English and Mandarin, each session typically is about 45 minutes, during which your astrological birth chart will be studied and explained to you.

A consultation helps you understand what is going on in your life; it can guide you towards taking the appropriate action. Key issues will be highlighted and future events forecasted. You may ask any number of questions. It is essential to have an accurate time of birth at hand. In case you are unsure of that, a chart rectification can be conducted to determine your most probable time of birth.

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