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Personal Natal Report S$390

A comprehensive interpretation of your birth horoscope. An analysis of the conscious and unconscious aspects of your personality. Assessment of your strengths, weaknesses indicating potential challenges that you have to overcome in life. Covering your temperament, inner patterns, hidden talents, habits, social standing, financial potentials, career, work issues, domestic affairs, relationships, marriage, children, physical, health etc. Includes a 1-year forecast.

Horoscope for Two S$690

Tailored for romantic relationships. A complete love analysis providing accurate insights of the essential astrological energies at work between the both of you. Gives a better understanding of the personalities and characteristics in hope of increasing understanding between lovers. The report spells out where and how the sparks will fly and any potential difficulties that you should look out for. look into the patterns of attraction, compatibility, communication, emotional affinity and sexual interaction. you will learn what you are in for and how to avoid pitfalls.

Child's Horoscope @ S$390

This report is prepared to give parents a better idea of the child's inner character, hidden talents, needs and wants. Looking into their temperament, basic tendencies so as to realise potential field of development and the child's interest before the environment and social restrictions distracts the child. This report points out important personality traits, fears, and their relationship with parents. It will help you understand what your child really needs to reach their full potential!